CORONA 4.8X19#2+ TX20 EPDM-9.5B
  • 250pc pr package
  • Drilling, tapping and fastening in one operation
  • Hardened steel screw with reduced drill point #1
  • Supplied with EPDM washer for better load distribution and increased sealing abilities
  • The CORONA™ screw with TX20 recess is shaped so that the EPDM sealing ring is partly concealed after fastening
  • Available in 500 colours (Qualicoat certified facade quality powder)
  • The head and washer shape of the LP™ screw allows for a slightly tilted angle of fastening without compromising the seal
  • PG:2290 and PG:2330 surface treated with 20 µm zinc
  • PG:2280 surface treated with ZYTEC™

CORONA 4.8X19#2+ TX20 EPDM-9.5B

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